Meet Our Sheroes: Dr. Jacqueline Parson

Meet Our Sheroes

Celebrating Excellence: A Conversation with Dr. Jacqueline Parson

Welcome to another inspiring episode of “Meet Our Sheroes” on our platform, where we celebrate the phenomenal women shaping our world! In this episode, we had the honor of conversing with Dr. Jacqueline Parson, a true powerhouse in the realms of fashion, beauty, and entrepreneurship.

Meet Dr. Jacqueline Parson, a dynamic force in the worlds of fashion, beauty, and entrepreneurship. With over two decades of experience, Dr. Parson has made significant strides in these industries, leaving an indelible mark along the way. Join us as we delve into her inspiring journey and explore the innovative ventures that have defined her career.

This blog marks the next installment of our “Meet Our Sheroes” series, featuring an insightful interview with Jacqueline and Dr. Alka, the founder of Global Women Power. These are just a few highlights from our captivating conversation with Dr. Jacqueline Parson. For a deeper dive into her inspiring story and valuable insights, be sure to watch the full interview on our YouTube channel. Join us as we continue to celebrate and uplift the voices of remarkable women like her. 

As the dialogue unfolded, Dr. Parson graciously shared insights into her remarkable journey, taking us from her humble beginnings to her current status as a serial entrepreneur and technologist. Born out of a desire to chase her dreams, Dr. Parson embarked on her path in the United Kingdom, where she initially pursued a career in fashion modeling. Her journey then led her through various experiences in media, celebrity interviews, and connections with renowned beauty brands and fashion houses.

Dr. Jacqueline Parson’s story began in the United Kingdom, where she pursued her dream of becoming a fashion model at the age of 18. She kickstarted her career in fashion through a modeling competition with Storm Model Management, which eventually evolved into opportunities in television and media. After a decade, she found herself deeply immersed in the media world, interviewing celebrities and establishing connections with major beauty brands and fashion houses.

For over a decade, Dr. Parson worked with Mode Media, a fantastic company based in New York and California. Later, she decided to further educate herself and obtained a PGD in digital marketing. Prior to that, she had the privilege of working for Mr. Tom Ford, gaining invaluable insights into beauty and luxury. In 2018, Dr. Parson took the plunge into entrepreneurship, founding Lux Digital, which later expanded into several subsidiary companies.

She ventured into cosmetics, entertainment, and various technologies focused on beauty tech and data. Unknowingly, Dr. Parson became a technologist, achieving a long-standing goal of obtaining a doctorate. At 46, she proudly states that she has created a diverse portfolio of companies. Dr. Parson emphasizes that businesses are assets, and the traditional nine-to-five approach isn’t the only path to success. She believes in the power of creating, investing, and navigating one’s journey.

Throughout her career, Dr. Parson’s adventurous spirit and willingness to take calculated risks propelled her forward. She emphasized the importance of viewing entrepreneurship not as a risk, but as an investment of time, effort, and energy. Her perspective on embracing challenges resonated deeply, highlighting the necessity of courage, dedication, and discipline in the pursuit of one’s dreams.

Further, Dr Alka remarked, “Summarizing it is tough. However, entrepreneurship calls for taking risks, not all of which are carefully calculated. Jacqueline, could you delve into your adventurous spirit?”

Jacqueline responded, “Taking risks is crucial. I see them as investments. Being adventurous is essential for entrepreneurship. It’s about building something meaningful. I’m happy with my journey.”

Reflecting on her journey, Dr. Parson emphasized the joy of building something meaningful, whether it be a single company or a diverse portfolio. Her story serves as a testament to the limitless possibilities that await those willing to venture beyond the confines of comfort and embrace the unknown with open arms.

To make progress, one may wonder whether talent alone suffices or if money is also necessary, you know?

According to Jacqueline, she believes that one can rely solely on talent, depending on the endeavor. She mentioned that it’s possible to start something from scratch and develop it into a profitable venture, then reinvest those earnings. Jacqueline continued by explaining that another illustration is her own business, which she started with minimal funds but invested what she had. She shared that each business she has undertaken has been bootstrapped, beginning with little and investing significant effort and resources. She added that businesses like marketing agencies or modeling agencies are easier to establish due to existing client bases. However, ventures in technology typically require substantial backing. Nevertheless, businesses such as drop-shipping or e-commerce are manageable with minimal costs and promising profits.

Dr. Alka then asked Jacqueline whether she would consider herself lucky when making progress.

Jacqueline pondered this question, expressing that she often wonders if it’s luck, written in the stars, astrology, or simply charisma and charm. She believed that all these factors play a role and that luck can be cultivated, while anyone can develop charisma through positivity. She noted that many start their day negatively, believing the world is against them. Jacqueline also acknowledged the challenges women face, including trauma and abuse, which can impact them in business. She emphasized that determination, persistence, discipline, and self-education are crucial to success. Jacqueline mentioned that many fail when they give up and that successful businesses often take at least three years to flourish. She believed that talent plays a role, but dedication and a positive attitude are essential. Jacqueline concluded by stating that anyone can become talented with dedication and practice. She highlighted the importance of perseverance and pushing forward despite obstacles and rejections, as talent, positivity, and perseverance can lead to success in the end.

Dr. Alka’s question about employment creation prompted an insightful response from Jacqueline. She highlighted how she had consistently provided job opportunities within her businesses, fostering diversity and inclusivity, even during challenging times like the COVID pandemic. Jacqueline’s commitment to empowering women through employment resonates deeply with the goals of our NGO, Global Women Power 

Just like Jacqueline, we too aim to create job opportunities for women, recognizing the importance of economic empowerment in achieving gender equality and fostering positive societal change. This shared commitment reinforces the alignment of our efforts towards uplifting and supporting women in various spheres of life.

Looking ahead, Dr. Parson foresees herself exploring new ventures, possibly in the beauty world with a spa or art gallery, leveraging her degree in art. However, technology keeps pulling her back, particularly in areas like augmented reality, virtual reality, and artificial intelligence, mainly tailored for the beauty industry. That’s a glimpse of her journey so far, and she’s excited about what the future holds.

As we bid farewell to this enlightening conversation, let Dr. Jacqueline Parson’s journey inspire us to break free from the shackles of complacency, embrace the thrill of new challenges, and boldly chart our own paths towards success. Join us as we continue to celebrate and uplift the voices of extraordinary women making waves in every corner of the world. Together, let’s empower, inspire, and ignite the flames of change. 


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