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Welcome to the inaugural blog post of Meet Our Sheroes, an initiative under the umbrella of Global Women Power.

Dr Alka’s Journey: Founder of Global Women Power

Our journey begins with Dr. Alka Chopra Madan, the visionary founder of Global Women Power and the driving force behind “Meet Our Sheroes.” Alka’s passion for empowering women led her to establish this platform in 2015, with a vision to create a global network of women leaders, changemakers, and trailblazers. Through her tireless dedication and commitment, “Meet Our Sheroes” has evolved into a vibrant community where women can connect, share their stories, and inspire one another to reach new heights.

At “Meet Our Sheroes,” we believe in the power of storytelling to empower, inspire, and uplift women around the world. Join us as we shine a spotlight on remarkable women who have overcome challenges, shattered stereotypes, and blazed trails in their respective fields. These blogs are based on interviews conducted with the women featured in the Meet Our Sheroes series. To watch the full interviews and delve deeper into the inspiring stories and discussions featured on Meet Our Sheroes, subscribe to our YouTube channel.

In this introductory post, we delve into Kat’s journey and insights, shedding light on her pioneering approach to marketing.  Kat’s philosophy aligns perfectly with our mission at Global Women Power. She believes in the power of empathy to drive meaningful connections and create positive change in the world. Through her work, she is not only helping brands succeed but also challenging societal norms and championing inclusivity and diversity.

As the founder of Radical Customer Experience, Kat is at the forefront of a movement to revolutionize the marketing industry. Kat’s company, Radical Customer Experience, is not your typical marketing consultancy. Instead, it champions empathy-driven marketing strategies, advocating for a shift away from fear-based tactics. Our platform aims to spotlight inspiring women like Kat, the founder of Radical Customer Experience, who are reshaping the landscape of their industries through innovative ideas and unwavering determination

Kat’s belief in the power of empathy is evident in her three R’s framework: radical empathy, radical vulnerability, and radical authentic investment. With a background in marketing and a personal experience with trauma, Kat recognized the need for a more compassionate approach to marketing—one that acknowledges and respects individual life experiences.

Radical Customer Experience, a marketing consultancy, specializes in teaching consumer-facing brands how to incorporate empathy into their marketing strategies. Unlike traditional approaches centered around fear, Radical Customer Experience advocates for trauma-informed or strengths-based marketing. Founder Kat challenges the notion that fear is essential for customer acquisition, recognizing that in today’s cultural climate, people seek authentic connections over fear-inducing tactics. This shift acknowledges the impact of collective trauma, emphasizing the importance of empathetic marketing in resonating with audiences on a deeper level.

The framework of the Radical Customer Experience comprises three pillars: radical empathy, radical vulnerability, and radical authentic investment. Backed by solid data, these principles form the foundation of the company’s approach to marketing. Kat, the founder, draws from her personal experience with complex PTSD, which transformed her perception of marketing. Recognizing the importance of accounting for individual life experiences, she embarked on a journey to integrate trauma-informed marketing into her business during the pandemic. This led to the development of the three R’s framework, which guides her mission to not just run a company but spearhead a movement centered around mental health. By sharing her own trauma experiences, Kat aims to foster empathy and compassion in marketing, believing that even a small shift in approach can have a profound impact on millions or even billions of people. Ultimately, Radical Customer Experience seeks to change the world by leading with compassion in marketing strategies.

Dr. Alka inquired about the distinction between sales and marketing, questioning whether the focus should solely be on sales or if the broader objective involves creating awareness. In response, Kat expressed her perspective, stating that while sales and marketing are interconnected, she sees them as complementary aspects of the same goal. She emphasized the importance of both generating revenue and driving business growth. Additionally, Kat highlighted her role as a marketer and her focus on integrating empathy into all marketing efforts, underscoring the significance of understanding customer needs and tailoring messaging accordingly. She also mentioned the innovative tools her team utilizes to measure the impact of empathy and communication effectiveness.

Dr. Alka, reflecting on the shifts brought by the pandemic, noted the rise of work-from-home businesses among women and the ensuing quest for enhanced marketing strategies to boost earnings. Seeking advice, Alka inquired if Kat offers guidance or resources for those navigating marketing on a tight budget. Kat, affirming Alka’s query, stressed the importance of treating individuals with empathy in all communications, regardless of business scale. She recommended leveraging technology to refine messaging and obtaining feedback from platforms like APTA to enhance empathetic communication. Regarding social media’s vitality, Kat dispelled notions of its decline, advocating for adaptation to emerging platforms like TikTok and the strategic repurposing of content across various channels. She emphasized the importance of data analytics in identifying effective outreach channels, underscoring the need for businesses to remain agile in their marketing approaches.

The software platform, Radical Human Intelligence, primarily features a survey tool rooted in psychology and focused on the three R’s: radical empathy, radical vulnerability, and radical authentic investment. This tool analyzes various types of content, including documents, content calendars, and emails, and provides a brand sensitivity score based on empathy, vulnerability, and other factors. The platform offers actionable insights, suggests changes to improve business outcomes and provides a starting point for users to enhance their strategies. It is a subscription-based software and it’s really available for small to medium-sized businesses.

Kat also put forward the notion that individuals who have been traditionally underrecognized, including women, face unique challenges in the workplace. She shares her perspective through her ebook “Beyond the Mask,” which delves into her experiences with empathy, or the lack thereof, in professional settings. Kat emphasizes the expectation for underrecognized individuals to tolerate mistreatment without complaint and reflects on how certain behaviors that were once common are now considered unacceptable. Through her insights, Kat underscores the importance of recognizing and addressing these challenges in order to foster a more inclusive and empathetic work environment.

You can discover invaluable lessons on empathy in the workplace through Kat’s book, “Beyond the Mask.” Dive into Kat’s insightful reflections and gain a deeper understanding of navigating empathy in professional settings. Don’t miss out on this essential read for fostering a more inclusive and empathetic workplace culture.

There’s much more awaiting you in this video that you can discover on our YouTube channel. Subscribe now to delve deeper into the inspiring stories and insightful discussions featured on Meet Our Sheroes. We’ve had the privilege of delving into the innovative world of Radical Customer Experience, guided by the visionary leadership of Kat. Her unwavering commitment to empathy-driven marketing has challenged industry norms and paved the way for a more compassionate approach to consumer engagement.

Through the lens of Kat’s experiences and insights, we’ve explored the transformative power of empathy, vulnerability, and authentic investment in marketing strategies. We’ve witnessed how these principles not only drive business success but also foster genuine connections and positive societal change.

As we embark on this journey with Meet Our Sheroes, we invite you to join us in celebrating remarkable women like Kat who are reshaping industries, challenging norms, and inspiring others to lead with compassion and authenticity. Together, let’s continue to amplify the voices of women, champion diversity and inclusion, and strive for a more empathetic and equitable world. Welcome to Meet Our Sheroes, where extraordinary stories meet transformative ideas.


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